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  Influenza Virus Sequence Analysis Tools
 IV Sequence Distribution Tool IVDT for short, to draw maps indicating geographical distribution, origin and frequency of our database records. It helps couple genomic data with geographical information in the context of biological and epidemiological data. It is a useful visual aid to display which countries and in what density the samples have been collected and facilitate the study of IV transmission, mutation and evolution.
 IV Sequence Quality Filter System Q-Filter for short. It classifies and ranks nucleotide sequences into 7 categories based on sequence content and integrity, which allows researchers to have a clear understanding on the sequence data and choose high-quality data for research.
 Sequence BLAST To compare user-supplied data (e.g. WorkSet) with IVDB's built-in databases.
 Multi-Alignment Multiple sequence alignment analysis.
 Phylogenetic Tree Builder To build phylogenetic tree to study IV evolutionary relationships.
 IV Protein Structure View To view protein 3-D structure data.
 IV Sequence Polymorphism Pre-computed IV sequence polymorphisms, as well as pre-made sequence alignments, phylogenetic trees and sequence distribution maps.

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